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Custom Powder Coating

The process of powder coating is done by first cleaning then media blasting the part to start with a dry, bare metal surface.  Then, using a special electrostatic spray gun, a thin layer of plastic powder is applied onto the surface of the part. This powder is held onto the part through static electricity. Once coated, the part is oven baked in order to allow the dry powder to melt to a gel state. Further curing causes the gel to harden into a very tough plastic coating, thus creating a continuous coating that is very hard and has no porosity.  After cooling down the part is immediately ready to be used without waiting days for dry times like painted parts.

Powder coating is relatively similar in price to traditionally painted products but there are so many reasons to use powder. Powder coating is far more durable than paint and it fades less too. It's also more flexible and chip resistant which makes it great in places that are exposed to the elements. Thousands of color options and finishes available. One other fact is that it uses no solvents. This makes powder coating the green way to coat your next project!

Corroded Wheel
Powder Coated Wheel

Above are before and after pictures of some wheels we prepped and powder coated. Notice the picture on the left (Top on mobile) with the amount of oxidation and deterioration of the factory finish. Our processes eliminates the old finish and oxidation to restore them back to a better than new finish. 

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